FIA-COLE Workbook for White Pine

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FIA-COLE Workbook for White Pine

Post by dbhguru » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:07 pm

Hi Ents,

I keep working on the FIA-COLE volume-biomass calculators. The attached Excel workbook is getting there for eastern white pine. It contains a shortcut formula that comes within about 1% of what the workbook gives. You can use the formula in the field. But to use the workbook to calculate above ground volume and biomass, just enter DBH in inches and height in feet into cells G2 and H2 of BioMass.

I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have on this workbook.

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Re: FIA-COLE Workbook for White Pine

Post by bbeduhn » Tue Feb 11, 2020 1:41 pm

Now this is more like it! The one from last week simply left me baffled. I can get on board with this formula.

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