Sand Run, again...big Tulips and Red Oak

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Sand Run, again...big Tulips and Red Oak

Post by Steve Galehouse » Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:14 am


I've reported regarding this site several times in the past, but I really feel it is a significant location due to the size an quality of the tuliptrees, which approach their northernmost native range in northern Ohio but still achieve heights of 160' and circumferences of 15'. Yesterday I returned to Sand Run with the intention of recording the positions and elevations of tuliptrees which I considered "significant", but there were just too many of them and the terrain was too steep in many areas to approach the trees. The heights should be read as "at least as", since they were taken near the trunk with still considerable foliage canopy cover.I was able to record a few, with sizes and GPS coordinates, and basal elevations plotted on the attached Google Map: ... 27874&z=16

It's interesting to see that heights increase as elevation decreases; a response to growing in ravines. There were many more trees I didn't record, and the ones I did record will likely get taller after leaf drop, since the canopy was still fairly dense. The park is very easy to get to and I encourage ENTS members to visit--it really is an exceptional spot.

Tuliptrees, 153' center, 162' distant center:
' distant center.jpg
Typical view of forest, with a large tulip on the right and a large red oak on the left:
Typical view.jpg
Northern red oak, 114.31' x 15' 4''
Tuliptree, 125' x 15' 10'' likely double pith
' crown.jpg
The Bob Leverett Tuliptree, 162.6' x 15'
The park also has a beech at 132' and a bitternut at 141'.

There are areas of the park I haven't gotten to yet, which might produce even taller/larger trees, especially tulips. I'd welcome any company in exploring the rest of the area.

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