Druid Rock

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James Parton
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Druid Rock

Post by James Parton » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:23 pm


Back in 2002 I lived just outside of Dana NC at the base of Kings Mountain. During the fall of that year I got permission from the landowners to hike a trail up and around the small mountain. Near the summit I found this enchanting place which I immediately named " Druid Rock ". The rock promitory overlooks an oak dominated forest and is surrounded by Catawba Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel. The trail passes just in behind it. I have found this place a wonderful one to set and meditate and/or just to sit, listen and relax. I have taken my daughter up there on a number of occaisions where we will just sit and talk.

Back in 02' I was studying and doing a lot of reading of Celtic mythology and literature. This may have influenced my naming of the place " Druid Rock ". I had not even thought of formally learning druidry on my own or joining a druid organization or group at that time. Now I guess the name really fits!

I moved away from there in January 2005 but I still return on occaision to visit the place. I did so last Saturday.

I would love to hear of your " Sacred Sites " or " Special Places ".
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Larry Tucei
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Re: Druid Rock

Post by Larry Tucei » Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:56 pm

James, It looks like a pleasant place to relax! Love that Rhodo! Larry

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