Florida State Champion Live Oak Cellon Oak

Reports and materials related to the Live Oak Project. The project was initiated by Larry Tucei to document the great live oak tree ((Quercus virginia) found in the southern United States.

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Florida State Champion Live Oak Cellon Oak

Post by Larry Tucei » Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:22 am

Hello All- I had a chance to stop and measure the Florida State Champion Live Oak on my down to Key Largo last week. The Cellon Oak is located just north of Gainesville at 4100 NW 169th Place Gainesville Fla. The great tree was few miles east of Interstate 75 and easy to locate at the Cellon Oak Park. It made for a pleasant break from all the driving from Ms.
Cellon Oak 1.jpg
This magnificent Oak measured 32' 9" CBH, Height-88' Crown Spread North-S 162' and East-W 152'. What a whopper! It is the tallest Live Oak that I've measured and one of the tallest known Live Oaks. The Spooner Oak is 89' and Will has measured one to 90-93' Forest grown. The overall spread is the 4th greatest and the CBH is the 4th largest ever measured and this tree has a split so it would be considered a Multi-Trunk.
Cellon Oak 2.jpg
The longest limb was 88.5' supported by bracing notice in the one photo due to splitting. The Cellon Oak scored 520 points on AF listing and the Spooner Oak in Georgia is 513 points. The Spooner Oak is a Single trunk although I have not seen the tree, the Cellon Oak is a Multi trunk and the Seven Sisters is several trunks together. The National Champion on AF is still the 7 trunked Seven Sisters Oak in Louisiana 570 points. Perhaps we can fixed this issue in the future. Here are a few photos of the great tree. Larry
Cellon Oak 3.jpg

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