Noxubee NWR Nov 2015 Part 1

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Noxubee NWR Nov 2015 Part 1

Post by Larry Tucei » Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:47 pm

NTS- On my annual Hunting trip to NNWR I first went to Enis Road west of Hwy 25 in Oktibbeha County to measure a large Loblolly that some friends had told be about. The big Pine is approx. 25 yards off the road at about one mile on the left. When I saw it I was like Wow!
Enis Road Loblolly
Enis Road Loblolly
The Loblolly measured a whopping 13’ 2” Circumference with a Height of 115.5’ and Crown Spread of 69’ x 64.5’.
Loblolly Pine 1a.jpg
This is the largest know Pine in this region. The Ms Champion is listed at 15’ 11” in nearby Noxubee County but so far I have been unable to locate it or talk to anyone who knows where it is. The next day I went back to Douglas Bluff to look for a big Loblolly that I couldn’t locate last year. After looking for a short period I finally located a couple of large ones. The first one was 10’ 6” and the second 11’ the heights were around 100’ so I didn’t bother recording them. Next it was on to the group of Pines that I found there last year. While on the way I measured a nice Cypress to CBH- 17’ 10” at 108’ tall. Cypress this size are exceptional in this area and I have only see a few in this area. I ran into some more Pines just south and west of my final destination. They were tall so I recored them at CBH-11’, Height-123’, CBH-9’ 4”, Height-135’ the final tree was 7’ 8” and 132’.
Loblolly Pine 2.jpg
I finally reached the tall Pines that I found last year and remeaured 3. Lets take a look at these.
Loblollys at Oktoc Creek.jpg
The first was 138’ in height and 9’ 1” CBH, second 142.5’ x 8’ 6” and the last to 144’ x 8’ 6”. These are the tallest known Loblollies in the Douglas Bluff area. To be continued-

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