Evergreen Plantation Edgard, Louisiana

Reports and materials related to the Live Oak Project. The project was initiated by Larry Tucei to document the great live oak tree ((Quercus virginia) found in the southern United States.

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Evergreen Plantation Edgard, Louisiana

Post by Larry Tucei » Mon Sep 15, 2014 10:51 am

NTS- I also have a ongoing documentation of Live Oaks at Evergreen Plantation. I had visited Evergreen back in 2013 and measured all the larger Live Oaks around the Mansion and at the Oversee'rs Cottage.
Row of Oaks planted in 1950's.jpg
As you drive in from the western edge of the property you encounter a double row of Oaks planted in the late 1950's and they are growing fast.
Donald and Oak D.jpg
I measured many large Oaks on the property during my first visit this was the largest Oak on the property at CBH-23' 11" growing in front and east it was a whopper. This and the other larger Oaks were planted somewhere around the completion of the Mansion in 1790.
Evergreen Plantation House 1.jpg
A shot of the Mansion.
Row of Older Oaks.jpg
There is another double row of Oaks on the road behind and just west of the Mansion that reaches back a 1/4 mile where the Slave Quarters are located.
Live Oak at Evergreen 18.jpg
I measured a couple of the larger trees Oak #18 CBH- 19' 7" and
Live Oak at Evergreen 19.jpg
Oak #19' CBH- 19' 3". The Oaks here were planted in the early to mid 1800's and are starting to get older growth characteristics. Evergreen is one of the only Plantations that still contain most of the original structures.
Slave Housing and Live Oaks 1.jpg
Here are the Oaks with the Slave Quarters.
Slave Housing and Live Oaks 2jpg.jpg
There are two rows of 38 Live Oaks reaching over the Quaters making a tunnel like apperance. I then went over to the Visitors Center to measure two larger Oaks I did not measure on my last visit. Both where planted at the same time and are almost equal in size.
Evergreen Plantation Visitors Center Oak 1a.jpg
Evergreen Plantation Visitors Center Oak 1.jpg
Visitors Center Oak 1 measured CBH- 21' 6", Height- 56' and Spread- 107' x 85'.
Evergreen Plantation Visitors Center Oak 2.jpg
Evergreen Plantation Visitors Center Oak 2a.jpg
Oak 2 measured CBH- 21' 5", Height- 63' and Spread- 133.5 x 128.5'. Live Oak Acorns 1.jpg[/attachment]I noticed the Acorns are developing nicely and will soon be falling. I will return to Evergreen this winter to conclude my documetation of the great Live Oaks here. I updated the Live Oak Project Listing now at 243 Live Oaks with the latest additions of these trees, one from Oak Alley and four from Evergreen.
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The newest trees on the list are highlighted. A link to Evergreen. http://evergreenplantation.org/ Larry
Live Oak Acorns 1.jpg

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