Live Oak Mechanics

Reports and materials related to the Live Oak Project. The project was initiated by Larry Tucei to document the great live oak tree ((Quercus virginia) found in the southern United States.

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Re: Oak Trees are awesome

Post by Kapn.K » Thu May 27, 2010 8:55 pm

Larry Tucei wrote:Bob, Wow! Way cool. Trees are truly amazing. Thats a lot of weight to hold horizontally. I wonder how would you do a PSI count where the limb meets the Trunk? Bob any idea! Larry
PSI is the term used for compressive stress(stress=F/Area). Tensile stress is under tension. Keep in mind I haven't cracked my engineering books in 12 years so no expressed or implied warranties here. The short of it is that the upper half of the branch joint(examining the vertical slice if you were to cut the branch flush from the trunk) will be under tension and the bottom half would be under compression. The whole "slice" is also under a shear force as well. This is from mechanics of materials(last engineering course I took before switching to Comp Sci). Just seeing those equations makes me miss the heck out of this stuff. What can I say. I'm a geek about anything I'm into.

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