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Reports and materials related to the Live Oak Project. The project was initiated by Larry Tucei to document the great live oak tree ((Quercus virginia) found in the southern United States.

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Index Live Oak Project - ENTS website ... iveoak.htm

Live Oak Project - Larry Tucei and others

Larry Tucei, an NTS member from Mississippi, is conducting an exploration of Live Oak specimens in the southeastern United States. These trees represent some of the largest volume hardwoods, with the greatest girths, and greatest crown spreads of any tree in the eastern United States. The plan is to measure as many of these trees as possible to obtain accurate documentation of the tree girth, height, and crown spread. These results will be compared with existing listings of the Live Oak Society. Some trees on that list were measured in 1934 and this provides a benchmark of how much radial growth has taken place in the past 73 years. In addition Larry has collected samples for dendrochronological dating from downed tree specimens as there are limited accurate age counts for the species. Measurements will typically also be accompanied by photographic documentation of the specimens and descriptions.

Live Oak Listing Nov 07, 2007 ... 071107.htm

Live Oak Listings December 19, 2007 ... _19_07.htm

Live Oak Modeling Spreadsheets Feb 2008 ... dsheet.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20080220.htm ... 080220.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20080503.htm ... 080503.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20080516.htm ... 080516.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20080621.htm ... 080621.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20080819.htm ... 080819.htm

Live Oak Project 20080907.htm ... 080907.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20080921.htm ... 080921.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20090204.htm ... 090204.htm

Live_Oak_Project_20090516.xls ... 090516.xls

Live_Oak_Project_20010210.xls ... 070525.xls

Trip Reports & Discussions

Live Oak, Ocean Springs, MS ... 4c89?hl=en ENTS, Went to Ocean Springs, Ms., today and measured a 20 CBH, Height-48' and Spread-108' x 96' Live Oak. A small tree for the listing but still a nice specimen. Growing on Lovers Lane Dr., on a Peninsula adjacent to the entrance where Fort Bayou meets Biloxi Bay. The tree had around 18-20' of saltwater during Katrina with little to no effect. However the house next to the tree was destroyed, as were many in that vicinity. On the way back out of the region I spied a huge Live Oak and lined up a visit in the future. This tree is a 25'+CBH, I don't find many of them around here anymore I've done them all already. Didn't have the time to measure it but can't wait to go back soon and get it.... more » Feb 20, 2010.

SC lowcountry live oak updates ... e329?hl=en Hello Larry and ENTS, I made a quick visit to the Charleston/McClellanville/Geor¬getown area of SC to visit family and was able to get some good measurements on a few Live Oaks to add to the Live Oak Project list. Some were on private property and the owners were not home, so I could not obtain all of the desired measurements:... more » Feb 8, 2010.

Live Oak Sprawl ... 2060?hl=en The tree of Life in Audubon Park in New Orleans is a great example of the giant spread these great trees can attain, note my buddy Donald standing under the crown. Spread-150' Height-58.6' and CBH-30' Larry Jan 31 2010.

Live Oak height vs sprawl? ... a397?hl=en it occurred to me that the major feature of live oaks here in the low country is not their height, which can be stunted due to salt spray as their "sprawl" in the way large branches extend far away from the trunk. is that a subject of any interest? pete Jan 30, 2010.

South Carolina Live Oaks ... 550d?hl=en ENTS, I want to forward this portion of a message I received from Pete Saussy and see if there is anyone down there that can help him with some measurements.. January 16, 2010

Live Oak Growth Rates ... d4cf?hl=en ENTS, These are two photos of a Live Oak Stump with approx., 45-50 rings. The stump was 32 x 36' Dia., some of the radial growth was up to 1/2" thats quite speedy. I see many stumps like this from Katrina and have many more examples of growth rates in Live Oak. I also visted a old friend last weekend, the Friendship Oak in Long Beach, CBH-23, Height-39'. The spread on this tree is one of the greatest of all Live Oaks I've done in the past 4 years, 169.5'! It looks very similar to the famous Angel Oak in the Carolina's.... more » By lawrence tucei jr - Jan 14, 2010

Vancleave MS Live Oaks December 29, 2009 ... 3e89?hl=en

Geneva AL and Pensacola, FL Live Oaks Nov. 15, 2009 ... d9a9?hl=en

Indian camp Plantation Oaks, Carville, La Sept. 27, 2009 ... 0a1b?hl=en

Big Live Oak - Old Charles Town near Charleston SC Sept. 22, 2009 ... bb1f?hl=en

Legacy Oak and Lone Oak, Carville, La Sept. 21, 2009 ... b6af?hl=en

Abbot Paul Schaueble Oak, Covington, La Sept. 21, 2009 ... 04fb?hl=en

Live Oaks Gospel Singers of America and East Second Street Oak #2, Pass Christian, MS August 30, 2009 ... 0a7e?hl=en

Laura Star and Virginia Grey Live Oaks, Grand Bay, AL August 9, 2009 ... a_grey.htm

Pawleys Island, SC Live Oaks July 15, 2009 ... e_oaks.htm

Middleton Oak cookie Status July 14, 2009 ... status.htm

Thelma Dale Oak, MS July 05, 2009 ... oak_ms.htm

Live Oak Great Southern Golf Club, Gulfport, MS June 14, 2009 ... 4-golf.htm

Live Oak - Adaptive Use, Savannah, GA June 06, 2009 ... aptive.htm

Mobile Live Oaks and a Nice Magnolia June 01, 2009 ... mobile.htm

Live Oak Project, Mobile, AL May 25, 2009 ... mobile.htm

Live Oaks, Ocean City, MS May 17, 2009 ... -ocean.htm

Columbia, SC - Capitol Trees May 10 2009 ... lumbia.htm

Louisiana Live Oaks #1 May 4, 2009 ... eoaks1.htm

Louisiana Live Oaks #2 May 4, 2009 ... eoaks2.htm

Ceville Shiyou Live Oak, MS April 7, 2009 ... shiyou.htm

Labranche Live Oak, MS March 22, 2009 ... branch.htm

Live Oak Stilt Roots, GA March 16, 2009 ... _roots.htm

Waveland Mississippi Live Oak March 1, 2009 ... veland.htm

Sire Live Oak, Columbia, SC March 1, 2009 ... oak_sc.htm

Live Oak Project - Richards Oak, Gulfport & Ramsey Springs Feb 2009 ... y_oaks.htm

Live Oak Project - Ocean Springs Jan 2009 ... oak07c.htm

Live Oak Project - Andrew Jackson Oak and Knoll Park, Fairhope Jan 2009 ... l_park.htm

Live Oak Limb Lengths Dec 2008 ... d7d1?hl=en

Wrought Iron and Pass Christian Oaks, MS Sept 2008 ... ristia.htm

May Family Oak and Pearson Park Oaks, AL Sept 2008 ... oak_al.htm

Live Oak Saraland AL Sept 2008 ... and_al.htm

City Park New Orleans Louisiana Aug 2008 ... isiana.htm

Delisle Cemetery Oak Aug 2008 ... ry_oak.htm

Lizana Oak Harrison County MS July 2008 ... nty_ms.htm

Walkaih Live Oak - MS State Champion Oak June 2008 ... ih/walkaih

Nora Fulton Live Oak, Gulfport, MS May 2008 ... ve_oak.htm

Pass Christian Live Oaks March 2008 ... oaks_i.htm

USM Coast Campus Live Oaks Feb 2008 ... e_oaks.htm

Point Ax Chenes, Ocean Springs MS Feb 2008 ... chenes.htm

Kell Martin Oak, MS Jan 2008 ... in_oak.htm

Bayminette Live Oak, AL Nov 2007 ... ve_oak.htm

Ocean Springs Live Oaks Dec 2007 ... _12_04.htm

Seal Avenue Live Oak, Gulfport Nov 2007 ... ue_oak.htm

Seven Sisters Live Oak Oct 2007 ... ve_oak.htm

Another Gulfport Live Oak Oct 2007 ... oak07c.htm

Maurigi's Oak, Bay St. Louis, MS Sept 2007 ... aurigi.htm

Live Oak Listing August 01, 2007 ... 070801.htm

Oak Alley Plantation, LA July 2007 ... tation.htm

Holden Live Oak, Biloxi, MS July 2007 ... ve_oak.htm

Wesley Methodist Live Oaks, FL July 15 2007 ... hodist.htm

Live Oak Listing July 17, 2007 ... 070717.htm

ENTS Bulletin, Volume 2, Number 3, Summer 2007 ... v02_03.pdf

Olivioak, Gulfport, MS July 2007 ... ivioak.htm

H. M Brackenridge LETTER ON THE CULTURE OF LIVE OAK, 1828. ... 0Oaks3.htm

Delisle and Pass Christian Live Oaks June 19, 2007 ... istian.htm

Pass Christian and Gulfport, MS June 14, 2007 ... istian.htm

Live Oak Listing June 14, 2007 ... 070614.htm

Live Oak Listing June 07, 2007 ... 070607.htm

Gulfport, MS June 07, 2007 ... lfport.htm

Ocean Springs and Bay St. Louis June 04, 2007 ... tlouis.htm

Seven Sisters Live Oak, LA May 22, 2007 ... e_oaks.htm

Audubon Park Live Oaks, LA May 22, 2007 ... e_oaks.htm

Padgett Live Oak, Pensacola, FL May 29, 2007 ... tt_oak.htm

Biloxi Live Oaks - Water St. Apartments Oak and The Lee St. Oak May 29, 2007 ... tt_oak.htm

Edgewater Live Oak, MS May 2007 ... kPensacola Live Oak, FL May 2007 ... ve_oak.htm

Live Oak Top 22 List May 2007 ... /top22.htm

Long Beech Live Oaks, MS April 2007 ... ve_oak.htm

Redeemer Live Oak, Biloxi MS April 2007 ... ve_oak.htm

Addison Oak, SC March 2007 ... on_oak.htm

Live Oak List March 05, 2007 ... k_list.htm

Moss Point, MS Live Oaks March 13, 2007 ... _point.htm

Mulat Fl March 09, 2007 ... lat_fl.htm

Live Oak Growth Rates March 09, 2007 ... _rates.htm

E. O Hunt and Sarah Hunt Live Oak, MS March 2, 2007 ... e_oaks.htm

Edgewater Mall Live Oak, MS March 2, 2007 ... _night.htm

Top 10 Diameter Live Oak Photos Feb 2007 ... leries.htm

Ocean Springs, MS/Top Ten List Feb 2007 ... prings.htm

Fat Live Oaks Jan 2007 ... e_oaks.htm

Live Oaks in Mississippi 2006-01-24 Jan 2007 ... 060124.htm

Ocean Springs and Biloxi Live Oaks Jan 2007 ... e_oaks.htm

Gulfport Live Oak Dec 2006 ... ve_oak.htm

Live Oak Ages Oct 2006 ... k_ages.htm

Middleton Oak Project

Middleton Oak Gallery/Project Feb 2004 ... delton.htm

Middleton Oak Planning ... roject.htm

Other Live Oaks

South Carolina Live Oaks March 2007 ... e_oaks.htm

Columbia, SC - Sire Oak March 2007 ... e_oaks.htm

Angel Live Oak, Johns Island, SC ... el_oak.htm

Edisto Island, SC Oct 2005 ... island.htm

Live Oak Species Page

Live Oak

Live Oak Crown Volumes

Live Oak Crown Volumes ... olumes.htm February 27, 2009
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