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Facebook Page for MTSF

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:20 am
by dbhguru

MTSF Assistant supervisor Scott Morrill has created a Facebook page for Mohawk Trail State Forest. It can be accessed at:

Scotts wants to bring events, discoveries, information, etc. covering MTSF to the generation of people who regularly communicate via Facebook. I am supporting Scott in this innovative approach for a Massachusetts state forest. Scott is part of a young crew of managers and employees working at Mohawk. They are knowledgeable and they are enthusiastic. I just hope the people in Boston don't screw things up as they have a habit of doing by assigning the often dead weight to administrative positions.

And speaking of news from Mohawk, Ray Asselin and I bagged number #135 yesterday - a white pine that has grown into the exclusive 150 Club right by Route 2 at the picnic grounds. It is located just a few yards from the blacktop. I had been patiently waiting for it to join the club, but had forgotten about it. Here are two views.
The new member measures 9.2 feet in circumference and is 150.5 feet tall. But wait, there's more. Ray measured an older pine well up the mountainside and west of the picnic area in an entirely new area. His efforts are part of our project to develop a guide to the Mahican-Mohawk Recreation Trail. The pine grows in very steep terrain and Ray measured its circumference to 10.2 feet, I think, and its height to 145 feet. There are other possibilities in its vicinity. We might find another 150. Unfortunately, I didn't see the pine. My ankle was giving me trouble, so Ed Alibozek and I stayed back while Ray, Conrad, and Toim Zelazo pushed on.

Oh yes, across the road from the new 150-foot great white, we measured a 101-foot black birch. It becomes #17 in the 100-foot class in Mohawk. I'm now sure there are many more. But most are skinny little buggers, so they don't stand out. The name of the new pine is GP (gorgeous pine, very inventive).


Re: Facebook Page for MTSF

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:55 am
by Joe
I see that Facebook has gotten obnoxious- if you're not signed up- the screen will turn white, while asking you to sign up. I've noticed that on other Facebook pages. Any web site that obnoxious, I'll make a point of never signing up for.

That aside, it would be nice if the DCR's web site gave a link to this new Facebook page. I suggest informing the statewide Friends (of state forests) group about this new Facebook page so they could put a link on their statewide web site.

(I never quite understand the fascination with Facebook)

Re: Facebook Page for MTSF

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:32 am
by dbhguru

Scott launched the project on his own initiative because, as we both agree, what the State produces is usually inadequate. Scott is presently working on getting the State to do what you suggest or adopt his Facebook page as an official site.

While I'm supporting Scott on his MTSF Facebook page, my association with Facebook stays fairly limited. I see it largely as the cyberspace equivalent of a chatty group of folks gathered in a room, all talking at once, with some small clusters in the corners trying to stay, more or less, on one topic. The whole affair devolves into a kind of mass gathering of ADHD types on steroids. One person talks about the latest recipe for plum pudding, another about their grandmother's 90th birthday (God bless her), another on what Britney Spears had for breakfast, another on how much they hate politician X, etc. For our group, sandwiched in are images of trees, soon forgotten. Facebook groups can be created to limit postings to specific subjects, and I admit some pretty neat stuff pops up on the NTS Facebook page, but Facebook remains a deluge of changing topics that promote the continuity of moods, as opposed to encouraging serious exchanges. It isn't designed for that.

Still, as Scott points out, Facebook has value, especially among young people. Share an image or video from the top of Todd Mtn on a windy day to bring the place and experience closer to friends who might otherwise not know about the mountain and what it has to offer. In this context, I get it.


Re: Facebook Page for MTSF

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:33 am
by Larry Tucei
Bob- Congrats on the latest finds. I will make sure to like the page and check it out!! Larry