#131 At Last

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#131 At Last

Post by dbhguru » Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:24 pm


Yesterday, Monica and I went to MTSF. Yes, I measured Jake again (172.5, and holding). But that's not the news. One of the trees at the base of a river terrance where the Algonquin trees are located has broken 150 feet. It is a young tree. I got 150.4 feet and 7.4 feet in girth. The trees behind the pine, toward the river in the image below, are all very young.
The young pine is rather attractive, but since it isn't large in girth, most folks will not notice it. It grows in a narrow swath that includes several other candidates. So, on Wednesday, I'll return to measure the others. Regardless, the new 150 makes #131 on the list. Totally awesome. The Mohawk pines continue their upward reach.

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