MTSF - Four Graces

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MTSF - Four Graces

Post by dbhguru » Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:23 pm


On Friday DCR District Manager and friend Tim Zelazo visited the north section of MTSF and named a cluster of 4 trees for members of DCR who stand tall in the protection of our precious natural, historical, and cultural heritages located on public lands. After I named the new 150 for Robert Campanile, the naming event for the remaining 3 trees went to Tim. Tim photographed two of the 4 trees. Light conditions did not allow for all 4 to be captured on film at the time we were there. Although we did not discuss the overall potential significance of the naming of the Four Graces, I think we both sensed that it was an important step. We didn't know how those being honored would react. For example, would they feel self-conscious or awkward? Finding out was Tim's assignment. I was most thankful for that.

Friday's dedication has since given me pause to reflect on the meaning of the event. I am only now coming to realize its potential significance. It takes dedicated people inside and outside government to value and protect our heritage. Often there are selfless warriors for the environment inside government who work everyday for the protection of the resource entrusted to them, yet receive no public recognition or appreciation. They sometimes are forced to make compromises to keeping the wheels turning, but they never lose sight of the resource or its value. I am thinking of writing an essay about the Four Graces and making it the basis for a submission to a future edition of the Bulletin of the Eastern Native Tree Society. I also want to undertake this assignment out of appreciation to my friends who enjoy my articles and descriptions. At this moment, I am thinking of Larry, James, Ed, and Marc who regularly comment on the articles I write. Dis Bud's for you guys!


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Re: MTSF - Four Graces

Post by johnofthetrees » Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:26 pm

I went to Zoar to look for the 120' Hemlock, but instead came across a group of pines that are probably the four graces. I was hiking on the "road" side of the forest, between the brook and the bank above the road, and after it flattened out and began to decline towards a stream channel there were some large white pines. The particular trees were in the lower group, just above a brook. The middle one was 9.3' cbh and I got ~149' or so. (I have been conservative with heights lately). It was a nice find, and I am glad it is under our watchful gaze. That is a nice area. Has it been thoroughly explored?


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