Back to the white pines

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Back to the white pines

Post by dbhguru » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:19 pm


Today I kicked off my official return to the white pine forests of my forest Mecca, Mohawk Trail State Forest. I immediately got down to work, re-measuring a tree I monitor near Cabin #6. This measurement led to 157.5 feet. An image of this beautiful tree follows.
I renamed the tree in honor of redwood guru Michael Taylor whose even more obsessed with tree measuring than I am. His contributions to dendromorphometry earn him a tree.

I then went to the mast pine area of the Trees Of Peace and set to work re-measuring an elusive pine that I named Mast Pine #2. Well, today I confirmed a height of 160.1 feet for this hard to measure tree. It becomes #11 in MTSF of pines over 160 feet. Needless to say, I'm feeling pleased as punch. The lordly tuliptrees now rule the East, but in New England the great whites are still king.

Robert T. Leverett
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RE: Back to the white pines

Post by James Parton » Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:47 am


While tuliptree has certainly gained notoriety recently I am still not so sure it has dethroned the great whites. Typing this, I remember the Pine Flats grove in Cataloochee Valley that some of us ENTS visited during the 2009 Black Mountain Gathering. And a Great White ( The Boogerman Pine ) is still the only tree yet found in the east to exceed 200 feet ( 207, if my memory is right ). But the most recent tuliptree finds are terribly close to the Boogs last known height of 188.8 feet. LiDar has proven a useful tool on discovering record tall tulips but white pine could benefit as well.

I don't think the great whites will go down without a fight!
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