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Smith College Pines

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:46 pm
by dbhguru

Today, Ray Asselin, John Berryhill (Smith College chief arborist), and yours truly re-measured the "John Berryhill #2" white pine on the Smith College property. The pine is now officially 143.0 feet, and holds onto the title of the Connecticut River Valley's tallest tree within the borders of Massachusetts. It measures 10.2 feet in circumference and appears to be between 160 and 200 years old. Splendid tree. The pine's closest competitor is a pine on Mount Tom State Reservation at 141.7 feet.

John intends to climb the tree to check on its health aloft. Nothing like having an arborist on the Smith College Tree Committee. Oh yes, Ray took pictures. Hopefully, he'll post some later.