Thomaston, Maine

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Thomaston, Maine

Post by Jenny » Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:32 pm


I'm staying for a few months on the coast of Maine working for a bit at a rural Wild Bird Rehab center.

The property I'm living on is alive with so many species of birds that I would never find in New York City except during migration. Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Hermit Thrush, American Goldfinch, White-throated Sparrows, White-crowned Sparrows, Chickadees, Red-eyed Vireo, Rose-breasted Grosbeak AND BARRED OWLS! They are amazing and exciting to hear! I am lucky enough to assist in handling them at the rehab center as well.

The property has Red Maples, Red Oaks, Beeches (some diseased), Birches (too lazy to look up what kind), Balsam Firs, Eastern White Pines, Red Spruce, and maybe some others. The ticks are so bad up here (I've had 5!) I don't dare to go into any wooded area that doesn't have a path. Oh, I've seen a lot of trees that look like Aspens but could they be Alders? Am I way off? Am I thinking of a different tree?

I caught these amazingly close picture of a White-crowned Sparrow on a Red Oak. This was just as leaves were coming out. Okay, that IS a red oak, right? How embarrassing. The oak is next to the red maple. It was just hanging out for awhile.

DSC02491 - Version 2.JPG

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