Lee Young Oak Live Oak

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Larry Tucei
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Lee Young Oak Live Oak

Post by Larry Tucei » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:01 pm

NTS, A couple of years ago I measured two large Live Oaks in southeastern Ocean Springs on Point Aux Chenes road. While there I noticed another tree on adjacent property that was fairly large. I decided to return today and see if I could measure it. The area was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina back in 05 but has recovered nicely. The tree grows on private property that I thought was for sale so I used the opportunity to measure this great tree. Glad I did it turned out to be quite a spectacular Oak. The tree measured CBH-25’, Height-42’ and Spread-90’ x 108’.The Lee Young Oak is a multi-trunked tree with a short height but huge limbs and trunk. Most of the Live Oaks in this region have a short broad crown due to the harsh environment they grow in and perhaps the soil keeps them short. The Live Oak listing is at 172 trees now and growing. Larry
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James Parton
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Re: Lee Young Oak Live Oak

Post by James Parton » Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:01 pm


You guys are still wearing shorts down there! Tonight is forecast to get down into the mid thirties here and the daytime high here today was probably about 60.

Nice oak!
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