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There be HWA free Hemlocks

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:07 pm
by Beth
Hey everyone I know that it as been a while since I posted anything but the wait is worth it. I stopped by Hemlock Cliffs in Hoosier National Forest in Indiana today on my way to Dayton. I didn't find many hemlocks, 3 comfirmed and many (10-20) possibles. I only got close to two of them due to the terrian. The first hemlock isn't big by what everyone else as posted maybe 80' (I couldn't get a height on any due to the hardwoods) but it was my first one. I decided to name this one after Bob as I was thinking of him as I was walking down the trail. The next one I could get to was the largest of all that I saw. This one was 100-120' with a cbh of 7'2". I named this one after Will since he as done so much to save these trees. I didn't see any white fluffy stuff on them either but I should have brought my binoclurs to get a good look.

I'll make out a full report with photos once I get back home and get a chance to download the pics.