Chasteen Creek

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Chasteen Creek

Post by bbeduhn » Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:02 pm

I hiked along Chasteen Creek, searching for a rich cove to measure. It took a while to find one that was relatively easy to get into but what a nice looking cove it was! The ground was littered with green despite being early in the season (April 7th, 2018). This cove is fairly young on the flatter areas and gets older up higher. Species are limited on the flats and there is diverse old growth just above the flats. The old growth appears to have been highgraded, as nothing too large was present. The altitude is about 3,000' along the trail at the base of the cove. I went up to about 3300'. This may be the cove that Will talked about in a 2004 post. He and Jess explored a cove at 3000' elevation.
forest 1.jpg
forest 2.jpg
forest 3.jpg
forest 4.jpg
forest 5.jpg
forest 6.jpg
forest 7.jpg
forest 8.jpg
Lirio tulip 165.2' 163.6' 161.2' 161.1' 160.3' 160.2' 159.3' 159.2'
157.5' 156.8' 155.9' 155.5' 155.4' 155.4' 155.2'

tilia hetero 139.2' 133.8' 130.1' 128.7' 127.8'

Fraxinus biltmore 139.5' 139.2' 136.3' 133.5'

Robinia pseudo 148.0' 134.7' 132.9'

Quercus rubra 137.9' 130.0'

Prunus serotina 137.0' 136.1'

Acer saccharum 115.5' 109.9'

Betula lenta 110.2' 106.8'

Magnolia fraseri 109.0'

Halesia monticola 90.5'

I expected tulip to top 170' along the creek but they didn't, at least at the altitude I measured. There appears to be plenty more rich cove forest above this point and likely in other nearby coves.

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Re: Chasteen Creek

Post by Erik Danielsen » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:39 pm

I remember that post by Will and Jess in particular enjoying the photos and thinking what a pleasant place it looked like it must be. If this isn't the same cove, at the least it's doing its best impersonation.

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