Cove Hardwood Nature Trail

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Cove Hardwood Nature Trail

Post by bbeduhn » Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:59 am

This trail is at a picnic area so it gets more traffic than many trails. The second growth portion is said to have been an old corn field. It's awfully rocky for a field but perhaps some sections were used for agriculture. The growth is solid but not extraordinary for a rich cove forest. The old growth portion had more impressive growth. Being summer, some tops and bottoms were tough to locate so the numbers may be a bit low. I had good shots on the majority of trees.

Robinia pseudoacacia black locust ~133 130.3' 124.3' ~124 122.2'

Liriodendron tulipifera tulip 144.1' 142.0' 141.1' 140.4'

Carya cordiformis bitternut hickory 135.2' 130.9' 130.1' 121.7' 120.2'

Aesculus flava yellow buckeye 130.0' 129.6' 122.0'

Acer saccharum sugar maple 137.0' 126.9' 122.5'

Fraxinus blitmoreana biltmore ash 131.9'

Tilia heterophylla white basswood 128.3' 125.1'

Prunus serotina black cherry 122.4'

Quercus rubra red oak 121.1' 120.5'

Acer rubrum red maple ~106'

Halesia monticola mtn silverbell 106.5' 101.8' 98.1'

There is much more to see on the slope above the trail. The 137' sugar is significant, just 7' shy of the record. More big and tall trees grow upslope. A winter visit is in order.

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