Revisting the Tallest White Oak

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Revisting the Tallest White Oak

Post by bbeduhn » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:23 pm

Doug and Ellen Bidlack were passing through town so Will and I joined them for a pleasant hike (crazy bushwhack) up to the tallest accurately measured white oak tree. At the elevation of the tree, fog was setting in. We could sight the top but couldn't get a reading on the tallest twig. I measured a slightly lower branch to 144.6' and got to 145.2' on the tallest branch. Will was able to get 146.4' with his Trupulse. The actual top appears to be at or about 148' but the fog did not cooperate so that is unconfirmed. It was measured by Mr. Blozan at 147.1' a decade ago.

On the way back, we spotted some nice black birches at 110.2' and 114.0'.

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Re: Revisting the Tallest White Oak

Post by DougBidlack » Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:40 pm


I have more numbers and a couple pictures to share of this trip. I wish we would have had more time as it's always fun to measure trees with other NTS.

Will put a tape around the white oak and told me it was 110.6cm. I'm sure this is dbh so this converts to 11.4' or 137" in girth. In addition, I took 4 crown spread measurements with Ellen's help. I got 55.5', 69.0', 58.5' and 45.0'. The mean comes out to 57.0' which is also what it comes to if you average the min and the max.

Total points comes to 57/4 (14.25) + 136.8" + 146.4' = 297 points. However, as you mentioned, you and Will probably did not get the highest point.

Here's a picture with you and Ellen with the tall white oak. Somehow Will managed to escape.
Here's a picture showing why it was so tough for you guys to hit the highest point.

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