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Back to the Dunes

Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:36 am
by dbhguru

With the rendezvous ready to be recorded in the record books, Monica and I are going to take three days off and go back over to the Great sand Dunes NP for a commune. Then we'll be back in Durango, where we'll be until Jul 14th. Then it is up to Idaho. But for the next few days, I'll commune on a dune and write some comments about the WNTS rendezvous, which I think was terrific. Don and Rhonda are on their way back to Alaska, Randy is on his way north to Wyoming, Lee is on his way to Minnesota, and Laura is back about her daily duties.

Here is a view of what awaits us in a few hours. I've probably shown this image already, but what the heck.

I don't have Internet at the Dunes, so I'll be mercifully silent for a few days.


Re: Back to the Dunes

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:35 am
by Don
You and Monica deserve your break...your breakneck pace is astounding, and even with the gradual increase in elevation start and gain, and trail mileage, I know I was ready to cry uncle by the last day of the Durango WNTS Rendezvous!

ENTS/WNTS --- I say this not to discourage future ENTS/WNTS attendance/participation, as most of you are in better shape than I for this fine, fine undertaking! We had a great time seeking exemplary trees, we found wonderful local eateries, and for those so inclined, I can detail my success in sampling the 5 breweries that were available during our stay.
And for those who would have liked to joined us on our narrow guage Durango to Silverton Train ride, I'll put together a trip report somewhere in Ed's categories as appropriate...I think that we managed to capture some fine images.

What would be the best way to attach iPhone video footage?