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I've just returned from a brief walk to a scenic lookout. The trailhead is a 5-minute walk from the house we're staying in while in Durango. The climb is 320 feet - enough to provide a perspective and the trail is dotted with fairly old junipers. Pinyon pine, Rocky Mountain juniper, and gambel oak represent most of the tree species I saw. There are a few box elders. The view looks westward immediately down into the center of Durango and across the Animas River. The center of Durango is a little over 6,500 feet, maybe 6,550. The house here is higher by perhaps 50 feet. I'll call it 6,600 until I get a better fix.

Here are four scenes from the trail I took. On my next walk, I'll be on the lookout for individually old trees. Juniper, pinyon pine, and gambel oak were not commercial species, so they were largely overlooked for large scale timber operations.
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