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Areas With Many Fused Redwoods - Why?

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:27 pm
by MarkGraham
From observation there are more fused redwood trunks in upper Bull Creek flats versus lower Bull Creek Flats, Rockefeller Loop, Founders Grove, and Federation Grove.

Just speculation but could this be from a long ago (maybe 1,000 years ago) flood that "wiped out" upper Bull Creek flats more so than areas further downstream? Then many clonal trees grew from common roots creating lots of opportunities for fusions. This flooding would also have deposited deep alluvial soils that could be one of the reasons there are so many very tall trees in this area.

Here are a couple photos of areas of upper Bull Creek flats with lots of fused redwoods. The first is in the Giant Tree area, then the second is further west on the south side trail near where Mattole Road crosses Bull Creek.

Do fusions = flooding ?