Malcolm McLaren: Authentic creativity vs. karaoke culture

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Malcolm McLaren: Authentic creativity vs. karaoke culture

Post by edfrank » Mon May 30, 2011 5:05 pm

Malcolm McLaren: Authentic creativity vs. karaoke culture
How does one find authentic creativity? In his last talk before passing away, Malcolm McLaren tells remarkable stories from his own life, from failing school to managing the Sex Pistols. He argues that we're living in a karaoke culture, with false promises of instant success, and that messiness and failure are the key to true learning.
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"Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Txt Pistols" Malcolm's McLaren's "Reflections on Learning" keynote presented at the Handheld Learning Conference 2009, London. Malcolm discusses his life, the challenges that authenticity faces within a karaoke culture and what we learn from failure. Recorded October 6th 2009. Contains mild references to adult themes and occasional use of adult language.
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