Moving forward

Discussions of the cultural conection between native American and other indigenous peoples and the natural world, places of importance to the culture, and events and dedications honoring native Americans.

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Moving forward

Post by dbhguru » Wed May 12, 2010 7:31 am


Yesterday, I met Wampanoag friend Elizabeth Perry at MTSF to talk about revitalizing our cultural awareness efforts - principally with respect to the Native American history along the Mohawk Trail. In the past, I got permission from DCR to produce a map that includes English and Native American names for the landforms in Mohawk. The map would be available to visitors. I have attempted to find Native Americans who would take on the project in the past, but things never quite got off the ground. This time it promises to be different. The following image shows Elizabeth next to the Jani Tree.
I took Elizabeth to the Gateway. She was impressed with the rocks and the spiritual sense of the place. Elizabeth is a historical reconstructionist who works for her people researching historical sites. She is the ideal person to do research on the Indian history of the old Mohawk Trail corridor. She has developed many sources of information that I wouldn't even think of. The next image is of Elizabeth in the Gateway.
It made sense to name a tree for Elizabeth. She graciously accepted. I chose the tree in the image below. It is close to the Jani Tree and is the other 150-footer in a cluster of pines in the Jani Grove.
Elizabeth will be naming other trees in the area for Native American women. She has her work cut out for her. The Jani Grove will be dedicated to Native women. No men allowed.

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Re: Moving forward

Post by edfrank » Wed May 12, 2010 2:45 pm


This sounds like a worthwhile project. I will cross-post this article in the Indigenous Peoples section of the BBS. Please post a copy of the map and accompanying documents when they are completed, and give us updates as the project progresses.
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