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Off and on again: Belo Monte dam goes forward, protests plan

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:22 pm
by edfrank
Off and on again: Belo Monte dam goes forward, protests planned
Jeremy Hance
April 20, 2010

An auction to build the Belo Monte dam, a massive hydroelectric project in Brazil, is going ahead despite two court-ordered suspensions, both of which have been overturned. The dam, which would be the world's third-largest, has been criticized by indigenous groups, environmental organizations, and most recently filmmaker James Cameron who created the wildly popular Avatar.

Diverting the flow of Xingu River—a tributary of the Amazon River—the dam will flood 500 square kilometers of pristine rainforest, relocate 12,000 people, and, according to critics, negatively impact 45,000 indigenous people who depend on the river.
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Most of the protests are from the Brazilian Indians living on the banks of the Xingu river that would feed the facility and environmental groups that fear for the rare birds, insects and animals in the area.

Luis Xipaya, a local leader, said 150 Xikrin Kayapo Indians are already planning to move onto the construction site.

"There will be bloodshed and the government will be responsible for that," he warned. ... green-lit/

Re: Off and on again: Belo Monte dam goes forward, protests

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:46 am
by dbhguru

No surprises. The corporate machine grinds on. I am beginning to doubt that as a species we even deserve to survive.


Re: Off and on again: Belo Monte dam goes forward, protests

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:01 pm
by edfrank
Brazilian Indians take hostages at Amazon dam site

BRASILIA | Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:45pm EDT ... ronment%29
BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazilian native Indians on Sunday took 100 workers hostage at the construction site of a hydroelectric plant in the southern Amazon region, local media reported.
As many as 400 Indians from several different tribes occupied a power plant they say was built on an ancient burial site.

"They didn't take into account the situation of the Indians. The company used dynamite to blow up part of an archeological site," Antonio Carlos Ferreira de Aquino, a local administrator with the government's agency of indigenous affairs, Funai, told

Armed with bows and arrows, the Indians occupied the site at dawn on Sunday and confined the construction company's employees to their barracks.

There were no reports of injuries.

Re: Off and on again: Belo Monte dam goes forward, protests

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:29 am
by James Parton

It is sad. As long as there is a more advanced culture than another conquest for natural resources,land, and material will occur. England thought the Scottish were " savages " and took their land from them in medieval times. Then they took their resources and enslaved their people making Scotland part of what is now the United Kingdom. The same happened with the Native Americans. The European explorers saw a whole new land to exploit and over time reduced the natives to hardly more than mere slaves and outcasts. They ( Europeans ) took their land and tapped their vast resources and cut down massive numbers of trees. Anyway, where a technologically more advance culture meets a weaker one the weaker one will generally suffer. The past shows it and it goes on. The stronger one will always find a " justification " for the taking.

Another type of exploitation takes place widely today and it is legal. And American companies do it everyday. That is the exploitation of poorer nations to manufacture their products. Taking advantage of a weaker poorer nation for greater profits while hurting the unemployed people here who really need jobs. They state, " Well we help the people there by offering jobs. That may have some truth but is it fair paying them so much less than their American counterparts and offering them little or no healthcare and benefits and since there is little or no environmental regulations they often work in polluted nasty environments with very long work hours? If this is not exploitation I don't know what is. I am familiar with one prominent American Company whose CEO once said that the best way to manufacture was to build a huge factory ship which goes to third world developing countries employing their people and when those people become too " arrogant " set sail and move on to the next " victim " for exploitation. And then there is the fact of using some countries that are a potential threat to the US, like communist China, who is probably the biggest sourcer of products for American companies. The American Government does nothing to quell any of this and justifies the exploitation of poorer nations at the expense of the American People. Our economy suffers because of this! OK, I will stop rambling....

I did a post earlier in the year on James Cameron and the Amazon. While Avatar is only a movie, there is a lot of truth in it and it sends a real environmental message. Hats off to Cameron and may he succeed in helping the natives of Amazonia.