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Postby edfrank » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:45 pm

dbhguru wrote:

   Don Bertolette and I offered Michael the position of VP of WNTS and he has accepted. So Michael will not be a casual participant, but a critically important player in WNTS. So we have ENTS and WNTS. Maybe we need a parent group just called the Native Tree Society, composed of two arms: ENTS and WNTS. Ed has made some useful suggestions along these lines. We need to give the idea serious thought. There are lots of possibilities. We need to remember that we have extremely important European members. Three arms of the "Native Tree Society"?



ENTS was formed back in 1996 by a small group of people including yourself, Will Blozan, and Lee Frelich.  The name Eastern Native Tree Society and ENTS has a Tolkeinesque poetry to it.  The group has since expanded into the western United States with WNTS, and  is holding rendezvous and events outside of the original area covered by ENTS and we have a number of western members.  We have members in Europe and elsewhere around the world.  I would favor creating an overall umbrella group just called The Native Tree Society, and keeping ENTS to refer to the core original chapter of the organization. We would retain the ENTS name and the recognition it has developed over the years, only structured within the organization as a major subset or chapter of the newly named umbrella organization.  It would reflect the broader reach the group has achieved while still retaining the ENTS name for the bulk of our activities.

Perhaps another way of putting it would be to consider the name Native Tree Society without the Eastern part as an alternate name for the organization for some public purposes.  The organization’s web domain is already http://www.nativetreesociety.org   The homepage of the website could be kept as it is The Eastern Native Tree Society or changed to reflect it was the new umbrella name.  The BBS could be renamed to Native Tree Society BBS as we have forums for ENTS Organization specifically, the web address for the BBS would retain the http://www.ents-bbs.org  address.   The Facebook page is already called the Native Tree Society.
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Postby Will Blozan » Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:58 pm


Makes sense to me.

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Postby James Parton » Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:09 am


The main website and BBS would have to reflect the change, probably in their titles. It looks to me that the individual subgroups under the umbrella ( ENTS, WNTS and others. ) should have their own place and their respective listings put there, etc. Maybe this is the time for a EuNTS category on the webpage? That is European Native Tree Society.

I had suggested the name ENTS before as being Earth Native Tree Society. This would certainly provide big umbrella coverage!

Anyway, I think you are on to something.
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Postby Darian Copiz » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:42 pm

Good news.  I've always liked the name ENTS, but have been in favor of NTS as an international organization for a while.

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Postby AndrewJoslin » Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:02 pm

NTS Western US chapter, NTS Eastern US chapter, NTS Europe, NTS Australia etc. wherever a chapter arises or makes sense...

ENTS is ok as the umbrella name, sun always rises in the east.
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