Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

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George Fieo
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Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

Post by George Fieo » Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:23 am


I’m looking for data on amelanchier/seviceberry. There seems to be next to nothing here on the web. A little story why. I’m an avid shed hunter. I collect the antlers of white tailed deer. The bucks cast/drop their antlers in late winter to early spring. Back in late March of 2019 I was driving home from work when I spotted an antler lying in a field of barley . The farmer was working a plot of field I had already passed. I put my truck in reverse to speak with the farmer who then gave me permission to pick up the antler. There were actually two antlers from two different bucks. Wanting to find the other sides to match the antlers up I contacted the farmer to walk the woodland across the road from the barley field.While walking the woods I saw several trees that looked odd for the typical species of the area, so I had to check them out. They turned out to be serviceberries. Likely amelanchier arborea. There were about a dozen in total. All were single stem half of which were 2-3’ in circumference and around 50’ in height. I have measured serviceberry over 50’ before but never with such girth’s. These are the largest serviceberries I’ve ever seen and only 2 miles from where I grew up. Surprise!!! In all the local woodlands I can’t recall seeing any amelanchier. I plan on measuring and photographing these fine specimens this winter so any data would be much appreciated.


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Re: Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

Post by djluthringer » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:58 am

Hi, George,

Here's the best I have in my notes on Juneberry:

2.4ft CBH x 82ft tall at Zoar Valley
2ft CBH x 65.4ft tall at Cook Forest
2.1ft CBH x 81.1+ft tall at Clear Creek SP

Refer to this link to see what's currently listed on the PA Big Trees site:

I've personally never seen an Amalanchier sp. over 3ft CBH. So, I'd consider anything in the 3-ft CBH range special.


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Re: Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

Post by tsharp » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:09 pm

The largest circumference known of an Amelanchier in West Virginia is 2.7' which I believe to be an A. laevis - Allegheny or Smooth Service berry. Open grown in abandoned sheep pastures around 3000' elevation in Pocahontas County.

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Re: Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

Post by bbeduhn » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:15 am

I have a canadensis serviceberry from NC at 57.4'. I believe there is a 108' serviceberry in the Smokies. I rarely come across the species.

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Re: Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

Post by ElijahW » Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:39 pm


Serviceberry is fairly common in upstate NY, within disturbed mature forests. It's one of the first trees to flower in spring, which makes it easy to identify; it's really a lovely tree. The tallest I have a record for in NY is the one from Zoar Valley that Dale mentioned, at 82.' Just two trees I've measured are over 3' in circumference: 75.8' x 41" on Howland's Island WMA (Montezuma NWR), and 62.4' x 40" at Beaver Lake Nature Center. I believe both are A. arborea. Zoar Valley has a bunch of nice Serviceberries on the uplands above the canyon. Happy hunting,

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Re: Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

Post by a_blooming_botanist » Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:18 pm


I don't encounter serviceberry a whole lot here in eastern Massachusetts, or at least I don't notice it often. I have, however, measured a nice specimen of Amelanchier arborea in Unity, NH that was 2.9' CBH x 65.2', and another in Dunstable, MA at 3.14' CBH x 71.3'.


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Re: Any Data Out There For Amelanchier/Serviceberry

Post by DougBidlack » Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:38 pm


your observations match up very well with my own for southeastern Michigan where downy serviceberries are quite common. In most good forests of that area I can generally find at least one over 2' in girth and/or over 50' in height but I have never measured one over 3' in girth or 60' in height. As with Jared, I rarely see the species in eastern Massachusetts and I actually can't recall any that were not planted. The Arnold Arboretum in Boston has some large ones and I decided to measure a couple this morning. The first is very thick but it appears to be a double that grew together. One of the trunks is now dead and hollow. Here are the dimensions:
7.14' @ 2'6" x 34'11" (height) x 34'2" (average crown spread)
I also measured the girth at other heights
7.51' @ 4'6"
7.41' @ 4'0"
7.36' @ 3'6"
7.21 @ 2'8"
7.23' @ 2'3"
7.27' @ 2'0"
There was a significant burl at 3'0" so I didn't measure at that height.
Here are some pictures of this tree.
As you can see from the first picture, this tree is labelled as a downy serviceberry. Accession date is 1 July 1941 and the provenance is unknown.
I decided to measure the height and girth of a second tree that is taller. This specimen is clearly multi-stemmed all the way to the ground. It is also a downy serviceberry and I believe it was also accessioned in 1941 and of unknown provenance. The tallest stem was 59'9" and the largest in girth was 2.94' but I didn't spend much time trying to determine if these measurements were of the same stem but I believe that they were. I did not measure crown spread. Here are a couple pictures.
There are other large serviceberries at the Arnold Arboretum and I think at least one other is over 3' in girth.
Although 3' girth serviceberries are rare in the wild, I believe they can be fairly quickly grown in a private garden, arboretum, cemetery et. cetera in decent soil in the open. I planted a hybrid between downy and Allegheny serviceberry that I believe is commonly known as apple serviceberry (Amelanchier x grandiflora). The cultivar is 'Autumn Brilliance' and I planted it in the spring of 2000 in Milford, Michigan. Here are some measurements (girth x height x average crown spread). Except for 2000, all measurements were made in the fall.
2000 Spring 1.93" x 9'4" x 3'
2000 Fall 2.09" x 10'0" x 3'
2001 2.76" x 10'7" x 4'
2002 3.66" x 11'8" x 5'
2003 4.72" x 13'5" x 6'
2004 5.95" x 15'4" x 7'
2005 7.05" x ? x ?
2006 8.07" (9.45" @ 4'2", 10.20" @ 2'9") x ? x 9'
2007 8.78" x ? x 10'
2009 11.17" @ 2'8" x 24'1" x 13'
2013 19.213" @ 2'7" x 28'4" x 16'
2015 22.20" @ 2'6" x 30'5" x 18'
2018 26.42" @ 2'6" x 33'5" x 21.9'
From this you can see how quickly a 3' girth specimen could be grown and I have seen many planted serviceberries in Waltham, MA that I don't think are that old and quite a few are at or near 3' in girth.


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