Free climbing trees for science (sorta)

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Re: Free climbing trees for science (sorta)

Post by mdvaden » Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:54 am

pattyjenkins1 wrote:Here's Cam Williams's comment about the climb:

I know the people from UC Berkeley that were involved, but I was not a part of this project myself. The climber featured is a world-class professional rock climber (Chris Sharma), who for the entire climb was on belay via a long rope over a pulley near the treetop. My research friends got a small dataset out of it, but the primary objective was for Chris to try to climb the bark of a redwood which rekindled his childhood memories of living around redwoods in Santa Cruz, CA.

For the record and being polite, I think this is really "unfortunate," to say the least. This type of self-serving peak-bagging -- just for the fame and hell of it -- is exactly what conscionable tree climbers want to avoid.

I will send Cam the link to all of your comments.

I think what you quoted overlaps some thoughts I had about the video.

Before saying the rest ... let me reiterate that I think the adventure (in itself) is pretty cool. Suppose I was a ranger / staff in charge of permits, much of me would want to give permission for this kind of climb. Or it could be permitted with stipulation video is not released.

One of the main potential consequences I can think of, is less direct, and more of ripple or wave effect. I'm hoping the wave doesn't become a Tsunami, though, if it affects rangers in the Del Norte and Humboldt area. But I'm sure they will eventually see this video. Maybe they already heard about it anyway, since they network together.

But I'm under the impression that climbing permits are not just an "assumed" permission for researches like Sillett, Koch, etc., these days. And I'm hoping that this free-climb video, doesn't have a negative ripple effect on the attitudes and thinking of people who issue permits in Humboldt and Del Norte area.

One thing I can say, is that my second research permit this year, went under much longer scrutiny than last year's permit. And it had nothing to do with me. It had everything to do with others ... and photography, self-promotion, and video, were part of the phone conversation with one of my contacts who filled-me-in on the process and what affects it.
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