Cookie Slice patterns

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Cookie Slice patterns

Post by edfrank » Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:25 am

Dear Ed Frank
I originally joined to ask about unusual fungus found on various trees , found the answers with Google, later was collecting unusual shapes, however the most unusual slice from cutting what I think was a butternut down, slices in question was approximately 2 ft from the ground.
The pattern displayed was very unusual, almost haunting, many of my friends wanted me to destroy it , however I tried to keep it from loosing its color and ghostly figure of a robed individual holding something in its hand, each slice presented a bit different picture, I did not send any questions to you because reading of your many elite explorers of forests trees descriptions ,I felt this would be of no interest, I was tempted to put it on eBay, I thought it would be suspected as painted, altered, It is in plastic wrap however the image has lost much of its color, my only question at this time , was there a way I could of preserved the natural staining up through the root system that created this pattern, the color red must be an iron deposit under which the seed had sprouted, my aunt whos yard it had grown has since passed away , I did not ask if she planted them , there were two, other had no such pattern, will count the rings to find out the age, I remember them for more than 40 years
have any of your members reported such a pattern, I still have them , not examined them since then.
respectfully submitted

Ed Fanuzzi
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Larry Tucei
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Re: Cookie Slice patterns

Post by Larry Tucei » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:29 pm

You can preserve the cookie several ways, we have discussed this in the past and here are a couple of links. ... vation.htm ... Cookie.pdf ... ookies.htm I have not seen that pattern before and I find it fasinating. Larry

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