Montpelier and Poplar Forest Completed

Research at the Montpelier - The James Madison Estate in Virginia

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Montpelier and Poplar Forest Completed

Post by dbhguru » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:26 am


I'll report at greater length on Montpelier and Poplar Forest, but for the present, let me say both projects were successful. For Poplar Forest, Will saved the day. My ground-based measuring did not work out because there was too much leaf out. So, Will took all the measurements from aloft. He'll be reporting on the results.

At Montpelier, Will did succeed in relocating the tuliptree he measured in 2004. It is now 168.7 feet in height. A neighbor is 168.6 feet. These are the tallest accurately measured trees in Virginia. Montpelier rules! More to come.

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