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(Vermont) Public meeting-5/8: Blackgum Swamp Protections

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 9:01 am
by Matt Markworth

This article might interest some ENTS, as the blackgum seems to be one of the species that many of us hold in a very high regard (not that all species aren't great, but of course some are easier to gravitate towards than others.) I think it's because of the great age potential, the ability to survive in many different circumstances, and the overall ruggedness.

There is a public meeting up in Vernon, VT tomorrow evening about adding some additional protection for the black gum swamp up there. It seems like the primary resistance is an overall fear that an increased buffer zone would be a difficult regulation to contend with if the town ever wanted to do something in the buffer zone. ... ion,506563

"Under Class II, loggers must log from a 50-foot buffer zone to the swamp. Under the Class I designation the area protected would increase to a 300-foot buffer zone."