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Miranda Gibson in Eucalyptus tree for over a year

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:13 am
by Matt Markworth
Conservationist Miranda Gibson ascended "The Observer Tree" on Dec 14th, 2011 and vows to remain there, perched on a platform 60M above the ground, until the forest is protected. The tree is an old-growth Eucalyptus in the heart of Tasmania’s southern forests.

Media Release, Tree sitter welcomes World Heritage nomination, Jan 31st 2013,

Conservationist Miranda Gibson today welcomes the announcement by Federal Minister Tony Burke that a nomination will be made to the World Heritage Committee to include forests such as the Tyenna where Ms Gibson is located in the Observer Tree. Ms Gibson now awaits confirmation that logging will cease in World Heritage nominated areas, in order to make a decision on whether to continue Australia’s longest running tree-sit.

“After decades of community campaigning drawing attention to the values of these world class forests, we have now achieved a significant milestone for the protection of Tasmania’s forests. Today’s announcement comes after many years of Still Wild Still Threatened and other grassroots community groups defending these forests, such as the Upper Florentine Valley, that are now on their way to protection” said Miranda Gibson.

“The international community has been calling for the protection of these globally significant forests for a long time. With a recent example of over 300 actions taking place across the globe in support of the Observer Tree last month. Today’s announcement will most certainly be welcome around the world” said Ms Gibson.

“This extension to the World Heritage boundary has been recommended by the World Heritage Committee itself several years ago, and Burke had a responsibility as Environment Minister to protect these forests, despite the stalled process of the Forest Agreement.” said Ms Gibson.

“The World Heritage nomination for these areas should signal their protection. Burke has now acknowledged their values and must honour this nomination by protecting those values. This could potentially be a moment at which I could get down from the tree and celebrate, if these forests now safe from logging. However, I need to be certain that this significant international commitment will honoured on the ground, by the immediate withdrawal of logging operations from within the nominated forests” said Ms Gibson.

” It is our expectation that any ongoing logging within the area will cease within the coming days and that obviously no new logging coupes will be started. I will be waiting until we can confirm the cessation of logging before making a decision on getting down from the tree ” said Ms Gibson.
Visit from Miranda's Dad
Visit from Miranda's Dad
Miranda's blog:

Tassieforests youtube page that is posting videos from the tree:

News article about World Heritage nomination to extend protection: ... itage-list

- Matt

Re: Miranda Gibson in Eucalyptus tree for over a year

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:45 pm
by edfrank

She is a very inspiring person. I have been following her on Facebook, and posting links about her protest on the Facebook NTS page.


Re: Miranda Gibson in Eucalyptus tree for over a year

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:46 pm
by edfrank
Miranda’s Daily Blog: March 11th 2013 ... 11th-2013/

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We all know that the fight is not over. And regardless of whether I am in the tree or on the ground, my determination to protect these forests has never wavered. When I climbed to the top of that magnificent old growth tree in December 2011 I vowed to remain there until the forest is protected. I may have been forced to evacuate due to bushfire, but I am still there in spirit, and will be until these precious forests are protected. Just as I know you all have been there in spirit through out this past year and will continue to be. The job is not done and we will continue to fight until Tasmania’s breath-taking, unique forests are safe from destruction

Re: Miranda Gibson in Eucalyptus tree for over a year

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:19 am
by Joe
it's unfortunate that anyone should have to do this to save a tree or forest- the lame brained politicians should be doing this without someone having to sacrifice so much of their life--- perhaps as punishment, that "federal minister" Tony Burke should have to spend a week or so up there.... we pay politicians to "lead" but most are cowardly nitwits too busy trying to balance off lobbyists, while paying little attention to those who can't afford lobbyists

meanwhile, too many enviro groups have turned into lobbyists rather than dedicated fighters....