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What is Missing? by Maya Lin

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:24 pm
by edfrank
What is Missing?
The mission of the What is Missing? Foundation is to create, through science-based artworks. an awareness about the current crisis surrounding the mass extinction of species that is now underway. The project will connect this loss of species to its primary causes - habitat degradation and loss. What is Missing? is both a wake up call and a call to action - creating innovative artworks that utilize sound, media and science to connect people to both the species and places that have disappeared or will most likely disappear if we do not act to protect them. First making us aware of this crisis, the project will then highlight what environmental organizations, institutions, and scientists around the world are doing to find solutions to the extinction crisis and the overarching threat of climate change. The project will also show what individuals can do in their everyday lives to help protect species and the habitats that species depend upon for survival.


This is a project to which we can as a group contribute. I am think in particular about the loss of the magnificent hemlocks across the south in general and Great Smokies as documented by Will Blozan as part of his Tsuga Search project.

Edward Frank