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TrekEast Blog 55 Monadnock Highlands

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:16 pm
by edfrank
TrekEast Blog 55 Monadnock Highlands
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Somewhere West of Walden

Mid-September, 2011

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Not far from the booming metropolis of Boston lies a 8lovely little pond, which Thoreau undoubtedly would have found winsome and uplifting, in the heart of a forest wilder than most of northern Maine. Less than a hundred miles west-northwest from Boston Harbor, as the loon flies (one circling above the pond now even as I write, maybe warming up for its later flight southeast to the Mid-Atlantic Coast), is a romantically named forest I won’t name the pond, as the family values and deserves peace and quiet; but I will name two of the family members, Annie Faulkner and Bob King, friends I’ve known and admired since meeting them at a talk by my mentor Dave Foreman nearly 20 years ago. I will disclose also the family’s name for their 11,000 acres of conserved land: Andorra Forest, hearkening back to a Faulkner family trip to that mysterious little European country long ago when Andorra was a place not of duty-free sales but of alpine and pastoral beauty.