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The America Forests Carbon Message

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 10:22 am
by dbhguru

One of the byproducts of measuring trees accurately is the capacity to calculate the carbon stored in the woody and bark parts of a tree. While there is no shortage of models that predict carbon, finding two of them that agree can be a challenge. However, the FIA-COLE model that I've adopted continues to give the closest predictions to direct measuring using NTS modeling techniques. As a consequence, Don Bertolette and I have adopted it on behalf of American Forests to project carbon in our champion trees. Carbon sequestered will be added as a return in the National Register of Champion Trees.

The attachment is the Excel workbook that handles black birch. Don and I will be creating equivalent workbooks for many other species. We won't do it for all species although we haven't decided what champion tree point cutoff we'll use to decide how far down the size spectrum we'll go. Very small trees don't have much of a carbon punch. No point in including them.

Re: The America Forests Carbon Message

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:27 pm
by Larry Tucei
Nice work you guys!
I hope to contribute with some of the larger Oaks and Pines
I've measured in the past.


Re: The America Forests Carbon Message

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:28 am
by dbhguru

In September, I'll be heading up to Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park in Woodstock, VT., at their request, to re-measure trees and help in the programs they are planning. There will be a carbon message in the works to showcase the value of their big trees. The information will be used in a series of new programs designed to provide programming in the pandemic. I'm pretty satisfied with this development.

So, between the American Forests initiative, your efforts in Mississippi, the National Historic Park, a planned Ray Asselin film in Connecticut's Cathedral Pines and other big tree sites, we are maintaining a real voice in the carbon messaging.

Oh yes, Don and I are in the preliminary stages of updating the American Forests champion tree measuring guidelines. We'll be concentrating on functional circumference and related strategies to better handle multi-stem trees and tropical forms that have those enormous root flares. We hope members of NTS, and of course, Cadre members will want to participate. NTS participation is assured through Don and yours truly. But NTS participation or not, it is time to move American Forests forward in the concept of big, as in big trees, and how to measure the giants to better reflect which is actually the larger, volume wise.