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Rhododendron Pines

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:46 am
by dbhguru

One and a half miles from our house is the entrance to Look Park. I have posted many images from the park in the past. Nothing new to see there folks .... or maybe there is. I have a new mission taking shape that will focus on a grove of handsome white pines near the entrance. Here is a look into the pines.
In the past, I've called these trees the Totem Pole Pines, but most grow within a thicket of rhododendron. So, now they are the Rhododendron Pines. There is about an acre of them and they developed as a stand, as opposed to being open grown. Included in the stand are the pines growing on a small hill and a few at the base in the field with the Totem Pole. Yesterday, I took my Impulse 200LR (thanks again, Michael) and measured the big performers. The alpha of the grove is Rhodorooter, the leftmost of the big pines in the grove. I found a position more distant than my usual spot to measure it. Its full height is 137.7 feet. Its girth, as best I can determine is approximately 9.25 feet. Getting a tape around the pine, fighting the rhodies, leaves the exact dimension to be confirmed. The trunk volume is 407 ft^3, and total trunk and limbs is 446 ft^3. The large pines to the right of Rhodorooter are 133.71 and 134.53 feet.

Considering all the great trees we measure in NTS, these heights are not exceptional. What makes them of particular interest is that I've watched them grow from the high 120s to what they currently have achieved. They are poster trees for Northampton and its wealth of large urban trees doing their job for the climate. That is these tory that I hope to help tell.

The Totem Pine, in the field a few yards away has a new set of measurements that place it at 143.16 feet tall, courtesy of the Impulse and a different location.


Re: Rhododendron Pines

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:18 pm
by Larry Tucei

I remember your post over the years on this Grove. So how many years did it take them to get from 120's to almost 140'?
Love the new name -
I'm guessing 2' a year so around 10.