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Rucker Index Database

Post by dbhguru » Mon Sep 20, 2021 1:50 pm


The phenomenal amount of effort that Brian Beduhn has expended compiling Rucker Indexes should not be left to float through the months as separate BBS posts. Martin Urbel, a database programmer, Brian, and I are conferring on a DB design that will capture Brian's work and provide a variety of basic reports. If we can implement the design so that changes to existing lists will be simple, then we can introduce Rucker Indexing within academic circles. Through contacts that I maintain, the Rubenstein Schools of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont might be interested in housing the database. There are other possibilities as well.

We'll keep everyone up to date on the initiative as it proceeds.

On a different topic, On Oct 11th, the British Broadcasting System (BBC) will be here in New England to work on their planned series The Americas. I have the privilege, acting as an advisor, of working with the BBC on photographing New England maples in their autumnal splendor. We'll see what they eventually do. I helped the BBC out in years past on another of their series. It isn't always easy to stay within their storyline, though, which can be unrealistic, but it's always fun.

Finally, tomorrow, Monica and I are off to the New York Adirondacks and Champlain Valley where I'll be concentrating on measuring eastern cottonwoods. My son Rob has located a number in the 20-foot circumference class. I have measured cottonwoods to 26.5 feet in girth in that region. Eastern cottonwood is the hardwood giant of the region. If you examine the attached range map for eastern cottonwood, you'll notice that it follows the Hudson River corridor and north to the Champlain Valley. It is a very narrow corridor. The species is missing from most of New York. You wouldn't expect it to reach such large sizes in that narrow corridor, but it does.

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Re: Rucker Index Database

Post by BeeEnvironment2020 » Mon Sep 20, 2021 7:44 pm


That is fascinating! I wish you and Monica a nice time finding huge cottonwoods! Not many here in SE PA, but occasionally a huge one pops up, like this 30 feet inch CBH Eastern Cottonwood located in the mountains of Dauphin County PA:

As a side note, let me know if you need any assistance with the Rucker database! My brother is a programmer, so he might be able to help you guys out with making the website.
As for the Maple fall foliage in New England, I wish I could get up there this year! I am planning to, hopefully, get my family out for a day trip to the mountains of Pennsylvania in mid-October to see the peaking fall colors, but we will see!

We got some fall colors in the upland and hilly piedmont here, from last year (but not much compared to the mountains of NE!)
Stateline Woods Preserve, Fall 2020
Stateline Woods Preserve, Fall 2020
Stateline Woods Preserve, Fall 2020
Stateline Woods Preserve, Fall 2020
Stateline Woods Preserve, Fall 2020
Stateline Woods Preserve, Fall 2020

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