Which is the most powerful tree you have encountered?

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Which is the most powerful tree you have encountered?

Post by James Parton » Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:41 am


Check out this post on the Message Board of the Order of Bards,Ovates & Druids. It is a conversation on trees and their power and meaning to individuals in the group. I found it really interesting. The post has three pages at the time of me posting it here. Check it out. It is very relevant to ENTS.

http://www.druidry.org/board/dhp/viewto ... 67&t=31517

My posts are on the third page. The Druid Grove BBS is on the same provider as ours so it will be familiar to you. I also would formally invite any ent to join " The Grove "! I am sure there is something here you would like and ways you could participate.

Here is one of my entries from the third page of the " Powerful trees " post on the Druid Grove forum copy/pasted here for you to read.


This post invokes a lot of thought in me. First off, trees are what lead me to druidism. They are why I am here. For years I have communed with them and walked the forests here in my part of the country. I joined the Eastern Native Tree Society http://www.nativetreesociety.org/ to learn more about them and meet others who had an interest in trees. ENTS turned out to be very rewarding and I am still a very active member with them. But I also seeked a more spiritual aspect of trees and that was something ENTS did not quite go far enough into so I seeked another group to forfill this need. My sister sent me several links and one was the link to the OBOD website. Druidism felt so natural to me, in fact I had been called " druid " before and have studied much on the Celts as well as trees & forests. Anyway, to make a long story short, the trees led me to druidry and here I am!

Sadly to say, I have no single one tree that is a closest friend. I have had ones that could have been but then I move and someone else moves in where I used to live and I then no longer have access to the tree. But I have many tree friends and commune with them regularly. I talk to them, often out loud when I am in the forest. I pray with them, and yes I even hug them. I hear them and can feel their energy. One of the saddest things I have ever felt is entering a dead old growth hemlock grove after the trees have been killed off by the imported pest the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. It not only looks dead but feels dead. It is unearthly quiet, except for falling dead limbs and you can feel the absence of these trees by the lack of their energy field, their life force, around you. It is hard to explain but I have left these dead groves on a number of occaisions in tears. And it is all topped off that these trees did not have to die. Stricter laws could have kept the adelgid pest out of the US in the first place and authorities acted too slowly to save many trees that could have been saved by systemic pesticide treatments. However a small bright side exists. Will Blozan and ENTS has documented the trees for future generations so people will know how big and how old, etc, the trees got. Something that was lacking when the American Chestnuts died off and hence much is not known about them. Will did not want this to happen with the hemlocks so he started the ENTS " Tsuga Search " project. Will also owns his own arborist company and treats hemlock trees for the pest!

As far as the trees that speak to me the most, I associate most closely with Hawthorns and Rowans, in my case American Mountain Ash. Hawthorns have the most character of any trees I have ever met. I also feel close to Eastern White Pine and American Holly trees. I am always humbled by the whispering of the Great Whites and I have a local forest where I go just to sit an commune with these trees.

All trees are special and all are my friends. They make the best of friends. They talk to you if you just take the time to listen and they have much to teach. Unlike people, they never will betray you, at least it has never happened to me yet.

I could go on and on but I will let it stop here.

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