Tallest trees in Europe may be at risk

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Jeroen Philippona
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Tallest trees in Europe may be at risk

Post by Jeroen Philippona » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:41 pm


Last week I got an alarming mail by Michael Spraggon, a British tall tree measurer for the Tree register of the British Isles.

This was his mail:

Hi Jeroen,

I thought you might like to know about something that is happening which has caused me great concern. I am contacting everyone I know who cares about trees in the hope that between us we can make a difference:

The 2014 Winter Olympic development in southern Russia is going to carve a swathe of destruction through the valley in which the tallest trees in Europe grow. I've managed to contact the guy who, in 1997, discovered the tallest tree measured so far (78m) and he gave me the contact at the Caucasus National Reserve to whom I've just sent this email.

I hope he replies with good news... if not then I'm not yet sure what can be done but I will put the concerns 'out there' as well as contacting the UNEP.

Kindest regards.


The person he had contact with is Vladimir Dinets, who has reported the height of a Caucasian Fir, Abies nordmanniana, of 78 metre / 255,9 feet. This should be the tallest native tree of all of Europe and was found in the Caucasian mountains in Southern Russia. He has asked Vladimir what were his measurement methods.
Michael tries to get in contact with the officials of the nature-reserve and to inform other persons interested in trees and natural forests.


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Re: Tallest trees in Europe may be at risk

Post by edfrank » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:47 pm


This is terrible news. I do not really trust any governement to show reasonable restraint with regard to protecting trees that might in some small way interfere with development. Let us all know if you find out any more information.

Ed Frank
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Re: Tallest trees in Europe may be at risk

Post by RyanLeClair » Wed May 25, 2011 7:45 pm


What is the latest word on this issue? Is there still something we can do?


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Re: Tallest trees in Europe may be at risk

Post by mdavie » Fri May 27, 2011 11:42 am

I emailed Vladimir a year or two ago to ask how he measured the trees, but I don't think I ever got a response. He keeps a very active nature/travel website here.

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