New tall trees in Europe

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Jeroen Philippona
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Re: New tall trees in Europe

Post by Jeroen Philippona » Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:32 pm

In the Netherlands Black Cherry was rather bad as an invasive species, but the last decades there are more and more insects living on / from the leafs. Also when a forest is more natural and less disturbed Black Cherry is not so competitive as in young, pioneer type of forests.

Concerning Abies nordmanniana: they have been reported as the tallest native tree in Europe form the western Caucasian mountains in Russia, near Sotchi, reported to be 60 to 75 or even 80 - 85 m tall, but we never saw reliable height measurements of that region. Kouta measured them in a drier area in the southern Caucasian in Georgia (wich is just in Asia) up to 50.2 m and outside its native area tallest measured is 51.6 m in Italy, in a botanical garden near Florence.
A professor in botany and dendrology from Germany knows the tall Abies forests but did not measure them carefully: he thinks the maximum heights will be around 60 m, perhaps a bit more. In the UK Abies nordmanniana (tallest 50.0 m) does not perform better than Abies alba (tallest 53 m; tallest measured in Europe 56.2 m (184.4 ft).

About the tall Tulip trees in France: the tallest measured of 52.5 m alas was a mismeasurement: the tallest from that area now is only 49.5 m, Sine measured this week. One in Italy was climbed in July 2016 and measured 49.62 m (162.8 ft).


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Re: New tall trees in Europe

Post by wisconsitom » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:33 pm

Thanks Jeroen. Most interesting.

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