Greetings from Grand Rapids MI

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Greetings from Grand Rapids MI

Post by AccipiterGentilis » Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:10 pm

Hello to all members,

I want to say hello to all those posting members of the Native Tree Society. This organization is such an impressive collection of members with ideas, research, knowledge, and amazing goals and thoughts on how to conserve our forests and the values we derive from them.

About me, I currently live on the west side of Michigan in Northview, just a few miles from Grand Rapids. I have always enjoyed the woods and the mysteries that each individual grove of forest holds... When I was a kid I was fishing in Ontario in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by boreal forest, and we weren't catching much but it sure was cold. I remember asking my father to take us ashore because I wanted to walk in the woods and look for moose. I was about 10 or 11 I believe. We didn't find any moose, but I remember a lot of fallen black spruce trees and the density and darkness of the woods, it was mesmerizing to me and I think I enjoyed it more than anything on the trip.

The west side of Michigan has a good number of large trees and is laced with large and small rivers and creeks that cut through our wooded oasis. It really is beautiful. And there are some big trees and impressive forests. (however nothing like in the Appalachians!)

I joined because I truly enjoy sharing information about what I see, and reading the posts of observations that others have had while enjoying our forests.

Dan Morris

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