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Post by edfrank » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:05 pm ... cticut.htm ... b527?hl=en
Penwood State Park Bloomfield, CT
ENTS, Spent some time today checking out the park. Usual
mixture of trees for this area. Second or third generation of trees. Some of
the trees I measured. Tulips: up to 4' 7 cbh @97' , 5' 10 cbh @ 90' . Black
birch: 7' 9 cbh @75' . Oak: 11' 2 cbh @ 81' . A few pitch pines, 1 @ 4' 4 @
80' . There were alot of small shag bark hickories, hemlocks, pines, some
maples, beech and white birch. We did the middle third of the park and will
return for the west, east and north sections. Last time here we saw tulips
in the eastern side. Sam... ... b527?hl=en
more » Mar 12, 2010. ... 0d22?hl=en
Pinchot Sycamore -1 Bob, Stopped and
measured the tree. My reading, 27' 10 cbh @ 95' . My reading is 2' shorter
then listed. I also measured the nearby one and got 20' 6 cbh @ 101' 6 , I
think the old reading was 19' 3 cbh @ 95 . I was at the University of
Hartford to check on a oak I saw there a couple of years ago. From what I
remember it was close to and looked like the Dewey/Granby oak. The rotten
sons of b****** cut it down and put up a school!! Sam... ... 0d22?hl=en
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Weed Hill West Granby, CT -1 ENTS
Went looking on Monday for what was described as a match for the
Dewey/Granby oak. Not close! 10' 8 cbh, 75' high. I will down load pictures.
Missed it on the way out but found it coming back. We found it interesting
how the main trunk is trying to grow over the dead branches. We followed the
old road, dating back to 1770, for 2.2 miles. There were alot of old maples
on the sides of the road and along the many rock walls. Most of them were
not doing well. One was 12' 2 cbh but I could not get the height but it
wasn' t real tall. I will down load a picture of a maple 9' 7 cbh 75' high
with interesting roots. It is also hollow. The woods were a mixture and I
will list the biggest ones we measured. Oak,10' 8 cbh 70' high. White birch,
5' cbh 70' high. Black birch, 7' 9 cbh 80' high. Shagbark hickory, 7' 7 cbh
65' high one of the pictures. There was pockets of hemlocks and white pines
but nothing real big. There are waterfalls near where we parked... ... 588a?hl=en
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Dewey/Granby, CT oak -1 I was
driving by the tree today and stopped to measure it. I got 19' 9.5 cbh @ 70'
high. I tried finding it on our listings to double check my readings but
could' t find it. I know its been checked but does anyone have the numbers? I
was walking around Holcum Farm and was talking to a local resident who told
me about a oak or maple that would match the Dewey oak for size. It is on
Weed Hill in West Granby, CT, has anyone heard about it? Thanks, Sam... ... 3dcc?hl=en
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Newgate Wildlife Management area E. Granby,CT 2/8
hecked to see if it was the champion black oak, it is.
Since I can' t improve on Will' s picture of the champion tree with Bob I
didn' t try. We went for a walk in the Old Newgate Prison wildlife area later
and measured some large oaks. There are stone walls that mark old boundary
lines and the oaks are near them. #1 white oak 13' 7 cbh @ 70' high. #2
white oak double with interesting growth, larger trunk 12' 5 cbh , smaller
9' 5 cbh @ 75' high. #3 white oak ?? 15' 3 cbh @ 70+ feet hollow may be
dead. We saw some leaves that the book say are Scarlet Oak. There were alot
of pitch pines, biggest one we saw 5' 9 cbh 65' high. there were some
higher. Black birch 1 @ 5' .3 cbh . There is some nice white birch, cedars,
white pines and hemlocks. We saw no large maples or beech. Sam... ... 6391?hl=en
more » Feb 8, 2010. ... 27f0?hl=en
East Granby CT Sunday -1 Bob,ENTS.
Have you measured a National Champion Black Oak, 26' 10 cbh, (1999-2001) in
E.Granby,CT ? Its listed as being on Newgate Road. I saw a large oak but did
not get to measure it and it was near the junction of route 20 and Old road.
I did measure a oak in E. Granby at 19' 2 cbh and only 74' high. Walking a
trail in East Granby Farms Park today we saw a lot of black birches that
look like something took a lot of big bites out of them. Some king of birch
blight? Sam... ... 27f0?hl=en
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East Granby, CT Sunday Part 2 ... b257?hl=en
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The Bartlett Arboretum is the home of five New England and Connecticut
Champion trees. In addition, nine trees are recognized as Connecticut State

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