Its time to play...Multi-trunk or Single-trunk! YOU decide.

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Re: Its time to play...Multi-trunk or Single-trunk! YOU deci

Post by edfrank » Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:22 pm


The pith method will still result in some disagreements about a small number trees, The point to remember is that almost all of the really egregious examples of multitrunk trees will be weeded out if the pith method is accepted and used in a responsible manner. Maybe it is not perfect, but it is enormously better that the present situation.

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Re: Its time to play...Multi-trunk or Single-trunk! YOU deci

Post by Don » Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:30 pm

You're on the money...especially on these one view challenges. Will and Jess are exactly right, there are a number of Johnny's images that there just isn't enough views to make a good judgement.
If our current recommendations hold sway (a photo of the bottom 10' from each quadrant if possible), having four images to view will I think, bring about more consensus.
Now if Michael Taylor can work up a simple Structure from Motion program that 'rotates' the four image delineations through one revolution and seek a best fit, hmmm, I think we'd be getting close...
But yeah, what we seek will be immensely better than what we have had.
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