Seattle food forest

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Seattle food forest

Post by Chris » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:00 pm

Food forests are shaping up to be the next evolution of urban farming. “A food forest is more of a perennial garden; it’s a land management system that’s based on the natural system of a forest,” said Glenn Herlihy. He designed the original plans for the BFF with classmates in a permaculture course in 2009, and, as part of a volunteer steering committee called the Friends of Beacon Food Forest, has been actively involved in nudging it to fruition ever since. While a farm or garden typically comprises rows of annual crops that require a fair amount of hands-on upkeep, a food forest incorporates trees, shrubs, and mostly perennial plants in a way that “mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships between plants and animals found in a natural ecosystem,” according to the Permaculture Institute.
Into the woods: Seattle plants a public food forest

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