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Paris, France Arborists?Minimum Tree Soil Volumes Requireme

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:53 pm
by peter macdonagh
Please help me find City of Paris urban foresters & arborists working in Paris France? I am travelling there March 12 2011. I have read that Paris has a minimum soil volume requirement of 30 cubic meters (1100 cubic feet) per street tree. I would like to know how long this has been in effect & the results of this minimum soil volume requirement?

My colleagues are conducting an informal survey of VIP Urban Foresters on their opinion on the best Urban Forests in the World. Paris is the leading contender by a large majority. I want to learn how their Min Soil Volume Requirements has help drive this result OR not.

Any names or ideas?

I have been graciously invited to speak at APEV - Portugal's Urban Forest Association. I want to visit with Parisian urban foresters, to discuss & photograph.

I am trying to find out ALL cities that have enacted Minimum Soil Volume Requirements. I have a Poll below that I would like ENTS members. Please fill out, even if you don't know any Parisian arborists, urban foresters?

All the best,
Peter MacDonagh
Minneapolis USA
PS Yes it's been very cold by USA standards. -23 degrees F. But we are above freezing today & its been lovely.

Re: Paris, France Arborists?Minimum Tree Soil Volumes Requir

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:39 pm
by dbhguru

I'm hoping that Steve Galehouse, Will Blozan, and a few others will be able to respond intelligently to your interesting request. I avoid cities and urban centers as much as possible, so I'm not going to be of much value to you.


Re: Paris, France Arborists?Minimum Tree Soil Volumes Requir

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:56 pm
by Steve Galehouse
Bob, Peter-

I'm not quite sure how to answer Peter's inquiry; "MTSV" is an unfamiliar term for me, although obviously the greater the soil volume supplied, the happier the tree would likely be. I've been on my suburban city's shade tree commission for many years, and we recommend certain species and/or varieties based on tree-lawn widths and overhead wire heights, but the assumption is always that soil volume is adequate; I feel mechanical damage from mowers or vehicles and road salt damage are the limiting factors, assuming the trees get adequate irrigation.

That being said for street trees, I strongly feel the area where I live has exceptional preserved woodlands that could be considered part of the urban forest, which are now either MetroParks or part of the National Park System---there is a series of very nice wooded areas that nearly surround greater Cleveland and it extends south along the Cuyahoga River valley to Akron, with many large trees and relatively intact(looking) habitats. These areas of course would be more natural looking than the Bois de Boulogne of Paris, but many of the wooded areas are heavily used and enjoyed by the local urban populace, but then again, Cleveland and Akron ain't Paris and Versailles:).


Re: Paris, France Arborists?Minimum Tree Soil Volumes Requir

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:36 pm
by mdavie
You might check this (translated page):click here.