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'Urban Forestry: Making Trees Work For Your Community' Video

Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:12 pm
by edfrank
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'Urban Forestry: Making Trees Work For Your Community' Video

In this two-part video, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System has provided one of the best short educational videos on urban forestry I've seen. It provides some excellent visual explanations about trees and dispels common myths of tree maintenance.

Unfortunately, the video breaks to part 2 during the discussion on topping of trees. What it's trying to say is 'don't do it.'

Watch it and learn. It can help you remember that you're land managers of your own properties (for better or worse) and the health of the urban forest is in part dependent on how well you know your trees and how well you do your job as tree stewards. If you live in Dallas, you might also keep in mind that you as homeowner bear the burden of maintenance on those parkway trees. Keep an eye on them for everyone's sake. Hire responsible, insured, and well-trained arborists to assist you in managing your little piece of the forest. We have an aging urban forest in Dallas and it requires smart decisions by all of us to safely share this common space with these majestic giants.