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Port Orford Cedar -- Largest and Tallest

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:32 pm
by mdvaden
A few days ago, I posted a coast redwood photo in another thread, from a grove we passed through minutes before finding a very tall Port Orford Cedar. We didn't have much time and didn't measure "to the wire" but do estimate at least 240 feet from a few laser increments and a guesstimate for the trunk's extra downhill reach. Had I realized it may be close to 2nd or 3rd tallest, I might have measured extra. The diameter is about 7.5 feet dbh. Or bigger.

While scouring for information on Port Orford cedar, I found there is not much online and some seem contradictory. notes a 2nd tallest of 238 ft.. And an article I found refers to one 248 ft. which I suspect may be a typo of the 238 ft. tree. Van Pelt's forest giant book notes a national champion known from around 1971, but American Forests site lists a 1968 nominee.

Would any of you folks have first hand knowledge of what actually remains and exists for largest and tallest Port Orford cedar trees? I can supply that the tallest for a fact is the 266 ft. tree found around 2009 in the coast redwoods, with a dbh just over 9 ft.

This is the top of the new find. The lower trunk does not lean. Much of the rest leans. the top has started to straighten a course correction.