it was inevitable

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Re: it was inevitable

Post by Don » Sun May 03, 2015 11:18 pm

I was ready to not like the last one, that started off with a helicopter gunship image (we in Alaska are sensitive about helicopter gunships 'harvesting predators").
And the idea of helicopters gridding the forests of Hawaii to capture wide angle and zoom images would seem objectionable. Perhaps not in view of the extensive helicopter flight seeing trips done for decades.
But Hawaii hasn't been immune to the impact of modern man. It's been invaded by many species of flora and fauna both. It's a very changed landscape from that encountered by the first European explorers.

While I'm no apologist for herbicide/pesticide application, the amount they are using and their final methods of application seem reasonable if:
1)their treatment of the tree ferns is successful, and
2)their treatment affects no other adjacent native species, either by pesticide action or the opening of the canopy and subsequent entry of other present alien species, then
it could be a good operation, and the landscape will benefit.

I do worry about water quality issues, and what level of toxicity might accumulate in riparian/marine areas.
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