Have you ruled-out favoritism or cheating in nominations?

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Have you ruled-out favoritism or cheating in nominations?

Post by mdvaden » Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:28 pm

Today, I got a call back from American Forests RE a redwood find, but more importantly the Sitka Spruce nominated a few years ago. My own notes about the spruces are at the link following Link > http://www.mdvaden.com/klootchy_spruce.shtml

The phone call went well, and I learned that AF can't reel-in state level people if they choose an different approach. The call left me feeling much more confident in the national American Forests. But didn't clear up the spruce measuring thing.

Have any of you ever nominated a tree, and the person verifying measured the diameter 4 to 5 feet too high when it was easy to do it the right way? Anyone ever encountered suspected favoritism? Also ...

News Reporter / Writer

Sort of related ... it seems apparent ATG talked to a reporter in Portland about our world record pine tree discovery a few years back ... I gather from the article that the writer talked with ATG who climbed the pine, but the writer never contacted us that I remember. Chatting with the Oregonian writer today, he conveyed if I don't tell the location, a story if of little or less value to him.

Now I'm questioning how much temptation there is to disclose tree locations as an incentive to get public recognition.
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