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New Years Thoughts and Ramblings

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:48 pm
by dbhguru
Hi All,


Monica and I retired last night at 10:15PM. No celebration, just peaceful slumber. That tends to happen when you're into your seventies. So, when the New Year arrived an hour and 45 minutes later, we were unaware. But here I am on Jan 1st all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to put the TruPulse 200X through its daily paces. Sparky, as I call my new instrument, has a formidable schedule for 2014. Ooh, he's turning out to be a real slave driver.

What's on my plate for 2014 outside of measuring lots of trees (to include some planned for Hawaii during late January and most of February), working on the AF measuring guidelines (and spinoffs thereto), planning the old growth conference for Durango, CO in August, testing a variety of instruments for tree measuring, and communicating with my fellow and lady Ents, identifying hemlocks for treatment and fund raising to help pay for that, and undertaking a filming project with Joe Zorzin? Not much. Still, I can dream. If I had my wish, what would I wish for with respect to NTS in 2014? Let's see. I wish for:

1. More great European Ents to join us. With Kouta, Karl, Jeroen, and Michael on board and doing stellar work, a few more communicating with us would further enhance the European mission. Before the European contingent joined us, I knew virtually nothing of the forests of Europe in terms of tall trees. In fact, I think my impression was that there were none. Yes, I was aware of some of the great old English oaks, but little else.

2. More great American Ents to join us like Matt Markworth, John Harvey, T.C. from New Jersey, T.C. Maser from PA, etc. to take on projects (specialized lists, e.g.) that expand our understanding of the maximum dimensions of tree species.

3. The completion of the Excel interface to the NTS database so that those of us with huge personal databases can efficiently import/export data.

4. Dr. Don Bragg to be able to find the time to keep the Bulletin of the Eastern Native Tree Society going. The Bulletin is our scientific voice.

5. For webmaster Ed Frank to rejoin us in his traditionally vigorous style. In building the website and creating the BBS, Ed has secured a permanent place in the NTS Hall of Fame. If his contributions stopped there, they would represent a mountainous achievement, but Ed still has lots to offer in our daily discussions.

6. Building a more formal connection between American Forests and NTS. It is a natural. If American Forests is to achieve its potential as a legitimate repository of historical measurement data on America's largest trees, then AF has to purge grossly inaccurate measurements from the National Register. AF also has to build a fire under those regular contributors who are partly responsible for the current low stakes effort that plagues the program. There are people out there who feed off the high from bagging new champions. That's fine, but what if their trees don't even approach championship form - to say nothing of being grossly mismeasured? An AF-NTS partnership can go along way in turning this situation around, although its full implementation can't happen in a year.

7. Getting more Ents to experiment with new measurement tools. Forget the expensive equipment. There are dozens of $0.99 to $3.99 smartphone apps begging to be tested. Who should be testing them? Us!

8. Michael Taylor to continue pushing the envelop in perfecting ever more effective methods of whole tree modeling.

9. Will Blozan and/or Jess Riddle to confirm a 200-foot tall tuliptree in the Smokies.

10. Me and/or Dale Luthringer to confirm a 200-foot tall eastern white pine anywhere.

11. Larry Tucei to discover a hitherto unknown swamp in Mississippi where brontosauruses and T-rexes still roam and fern trees grow 250-feet high. Ooh, what is in this coffee?


Re: New Years Thoughts and Ramblings

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:30 am
by Larry Tucei
Bob- Hahahaha that's funny. I just got back from Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge and I do have a couple of surprises for you in an upcoming posting. Another year has come and gone and I feel we at NTS have accomplished much. Thanks to all our stellar members and their tireless contributions we have become the best tree site on the planet. I'm proud to be a member of this great organization and hope to continue to contribute much more in the future. My plans for 2014 are more from visits to the Delta National Forest, continuation of the Live Oak Project, a visit to Pascagoula Wildlife Mgt. Area, maybe another trip to Noxubee NWR, Colorado this August, back to Wisconsin and Minnesota this Fall for more Red Spruce, White Pine and big Cedars. Happy New Year to you Bob and everyone. Larry.

Re: New Years Thoughts and Ramblings

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:31 pm
by John Harvey
Great goals Bob. Exciting things to come I'm sure. I have to echo Larry here. I'm proud to be involved with such a great group of people here dedicated to the same causes. Before I found ENTS I felt like I was the only one who cared about big trees and the only one bothered by muti-stemmed trees being champions. To 2014 being a great year!

Re: New Years Thoughts and Ramblings

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:05 pm
by dbhguru
Larry and John,

Happy tree hunting to you both in 2014 - as well as to everyone else. John, any chance of making it to Durango, CO in August for the big western event?

Larry, we will settle for nothing less than dinosaurs and fern trees from you buddy. So get to looking. Hey, better than the two species I mentioned, we want you to discover a new one. We''ll name it Tuceiasaurus. You'll be famous.


Re: New Years Thoughts and Ramblings

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:38 pm
by John Harvey
Thanks for the invite. I will try and make it. I'll be back in northern California for a couple weeks this March with my gear and my new reticled monocular. I figure if im going to go all out and perfect my measuring skills I may as well do it on the tallest and biggest in the world. If I can make it in August hopefully Ill be there with more experience and knowledge about the great conifer species of the west coast. What type of activities take place at the event?